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1) 2-day; Boots on the Ground training.

This session is designed for someone that wants to get into the world of FIX AND FLIP, with some hands on training.  You will see several houses that you can make offers on, if you so choose too.  You will also see some of our current projects (12-14 current projects from our sister company, SFG Real Estate Holdings), and you will get to meet our power team, talked to some local contractors, and realtors.  If you would like a fast start into your real estate business, this training session is for you

(We keep this session to a maximum of 20 students at a time, so you get to spend some quality time with us, and develop some key friendship and partnerships with other students)


This session is designed for someone that needs or wants the information spread out over 4 days.  This session is similar to the 2-day Boots on the Ground, the biggest difference is the information is spread evenly over 4 days, so that the average person does not get overwhelmed.   We will provide you with the 5 "F's" of real estate, get you in the field on 2 of the days, to walk actual houses, how to determine if the property is a good deal or not, and how to make offers.   

(We keep this session to a maximum of 50 students at a time.)

3) 3-day: 1-on-1 Mentorship

This session is designed for the individual that wants a "CUSTOMIZED" or taylored plan to their goals and objectives.   This time will be spent, developing a marketing and business plan , specifically to your goals and dreams.  This session is allowed for singles, couples, and business partners, only.

Announce coming events

We will be scheduling a Boots on the Ground Training and a F/F Real estate Summit, in the next couple months, End of March, April, and also May, so if your interested, please call or email for more information.  These spots are always SOLD OUT in advance, and based on first come, first serve basis.   So don't wait!!

Upcoming properties

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Upcoming whole sale Opportunities

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Announcements and HUGE NEWS

Jody and Frank, from Texas: Congrats on your first 2 flips.  These students went through out November "Boots" training, and have FLIP 2 properties in the Phoenix area for a average profit of $22,000.     Keep up the good work.

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