Jody & Frank from Texas


Frank and Jody attending out "Summit" class in October of 2019.  Purchased their first flip on October 10, 2019.  Got the property remodeled and sold on December 21st, 2019, and made a NET Profit of $32,000.  Awesome Job!

Miguel and Sophia from Surprise, AZ


Miguel(72) and Sophia (67) attended our class at the end of September, 2019.  Miguel had a health scare the first week of October.  Once his health improved, they purchased their first flip(that had already been started by some other investors, that ran out of funds, and needed to sell quickly.  So, Miguel and Sophia step in, purchased it, and finished the remodel, and sold their first flip, December 22.  Their NET Profit was $93,178.  This doesn't happen very often, but it couldn't go to a nicer couple. Congratulations.

Ryan & Liberty from Chicago


Ryan and Liberty also attended our October "Summit" class, and hit the ground running.  They purchased their first flip on October 11, 2019, had the remodel completed in 3 and half weeks, and sold the property on November 19th, 2019.  Their NET Profit on their first deal was $26,540.  Congratulations!

Chris and Cherie from Seattle


Chris attended a starter class in June of 2017.  He was skeptical, like most, and didn't have his wife with him. But he hated his job, and wanted a better life for his family.  He brought his wife to our "Boots on the Ground" training in early August, and boy was it hot and humid.  But him and his wife didn't let the weather get in his way.  They purchase their first flip on September 17th, 2019.  Decided to do some of the remodel himself.  Ran in to some difficulties, and decided to ask us for some assistance. We helped him get back on track and they finished their first remodeled in early December, and had is sold by December 20, 2019.  Their NET Profit on their first flip was $66,240.  (Even though they had a opportunity to Net closer to $85,000, their loss of $19,000), They still made a nice check on their first deal. Congrats!!

Daryl and Jessica from Gilbert, AZ


Daryl and Jessica: Daryl had been attending training class after training class.  He was a team leader for a Chip company, and his wife was a CNA.  But they never saw each other.  They wanted to supplement their income, to have more time for each other.  They attended a Starter Class in September of 2019, and made the decision to implement what they saw. They bought their first flip, at the end of September, got it remodeled and sold it on December 5th, 2019.  Their NET Profit was $41,713.  We invited the couple to come speak at a Starter class in December, to share their experiences.   They did a tremendous job speaking , even though they were both nervous, but we wanted to thank them so much... 

Maria, single mom, from Laveen, AZ


Maria, What can you say about this lady.  Divorced mom of 3 kids: ages 4 to 10.

An Amazing lady and mother.  She was working 2 jobs, and wanted more out of life.  She attended a Starter Class in June, loved what she saw, but didn't have the time or energy to find properties. But she wanted to invest and make money.  So we added her to our investor club, and she partnered on 2 remodels over the course of 3 and a half months, 1 in the Tempe Area and 1 in the Scottsdale area.  We were able to complete both remodels and get them sold in November and December of 2019.  She received 50% of the Gross Profit, to the tune of $34, 210 on the Tempe Property and $61,103 on the Scottsdale Property for a total of $95,313 in "Gross Profit" on her first 2 deals, and all she had to do assist 1 of our partners with a down payment on each property...   She was able to have a great Christmas for her kids, a very much needed vacation with her kids.  And is now able to work only 1 job.  Great lady here! And Congrats!!